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Imani Rose Imani Rose
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NS Novelties announced that it is rolling out several new diverse products in its Ashlynn Brooke Signature and Renegade lines. [...]

SLS Specialty now officially stocks the Tango Pleasure Mate collection by We-Vibe, a 3-piece set that transforms the Tango mini vibe into a multifunction, multipurpose sex toy. [...]

Performer Sarah Vandella is appearing in three films releasing this week. [...]

Coquette has released its 2015 Main Collection that will be in stores early next year. [...]

A former web cam performer known as SophieX penned a first-person experience piece for LA Weekly about her stint in the industry. [...]

Naughty lifestyle expert and author Sienna Sinclaire will be at the L.A. Women’s Expo this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 25-26. [...]

We-Vibe today announced the introduction of We-Vibe 4 Plus – App Only Model, a mid-priced, app-compatible couples vibrator. [...]

Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent was spotted on a date with porn legend Lisa Ann in NYC. [...] today announced the launch of a mobile version of its B2B website with a newly redesigned homepage. [...]

Internet payment processing company Ezic has announced its participation in the upcoming Money 2020 event. [...]

Digital Sin has announced the release of "Meet Aidra," the newest showcase in its star-making series. [...]

Airerose Entertainment has announced the release of the full gallery for its upcoming all-girl release, “Female Seduction.” [...]

New gonzo powerhouse Airerose Entertainment announced that it has inked a new deal, which will move all of its distribution to Pure Play Media. [...]

Pure Play Media and Desperate Pleasures have announced their release today of “All Fathers Sin.” [...]

The mission of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, which in its second year of existence under the leadership of adult performers, is the subject of a feature on [...]

Real-time bidding (RTB) was first introduced to the online ad industry back in 2009. The aim was to create a more targeted way to advertise digital display ads (CPC, CPM). Advertisers are asked to bid for certain premium ad inventories supplied by publishers via ad networks, who act like a kind of s [...]

With more attention being given to the plus size market (BBWs) it’s interesting to note that marketers, distributors and makers of adult merchandise, whether it be adult movies or novelties, must now give consideration on how to market to this segment. [...]

At a party a few weeks back, one of my older sisters introduced me to a friend of hers in part by identifying me as “a successful Internet pornographer.” After the obligatory grimace and sigh, I quickly noted that my sister was wrong on at least two fronts in that statement; I’m neither “successful” [...]

Didn’t you shoot a scene with her? When’s the video going to come out?” Whenever the topic comes up, my porno candle dims a little. This summer marks the second anniversary of one of the hottest performances of my career, and I’m beginning to think the video will never be released. Even worse, I hav [...]

It all goes back to Rubens. You remember — Peter Paul Rubens. He was that Flemish/Baroque painter dude (from the 17th century, for all of you wannabe historians out there), who regularly paid homage to hourglass-figured chicks by giving ‘em immortality via, now legendary, paintings such as The Three [...]